Saturday, January 29, 2011

Second term, third week

Hi there,

Last week we were learing how to make guesses, either when we are pretty sure from the evidence we can see or when we are not so sure.
We have been making guesses about people's personality from their appearance. But don't forget that looks can be deceiving!

Why don't you add a comment below and say what you think about your next teacher? Imagine this is a picture of him: :-P

Don't forget to use modal verbs...

Do you like Oasis? Here is a song by them. Do you understand the title? Why do they use "might"?

Click here for the lyrics

We were also introducing modal verbs which can be used to speak about our ability, not only present ability, but also past, future, "always/never in my life", etc. and you had to think about examples of your past, present, future and ever-in-your-lives abilities.

As homework, you had to read the text on page 43, and I recommend you to complete unit 3B in the workbook.

You also had to read the links to understand Young Goodman Brown better. On Thursday we will have an oral presentation about it.

See you!


  1. My future teacher looks really boring; he may be serious, because he is not smiling at the photo. He looks stocky, plain and plump. As a result, he is boring, he might be unhealthy because unhappiness makes you eat UNHEALTHLY food and be flabby as we can see in the picture.
    He may be in his mid-thirties, probably about 34 or 35, but he looks a little older.
    He has very short, straight hair, which is red in colour; probably to give colour to his life. He IS WEARING old glasses on his HALF-CLOSED brown eyes. He has A rectangular beard and A mustache AS well. He might have freckles because OF the colour of his skin. He has beer belly although we can’t see IT well. His shirt looks awful! Please, take IT off!
    Perhaps he may have A different personality FROM WHAT we think, because we can’t forget that looks can be deceiving! And hopefully I AM right.

  2. Our future teacher looks way too serious.
    He might be sad for something, salary reduction perhaps. He is a stocky man and he also has a really big and squared head. He must be almost blind beacuse he is wearing large glasses.
    He has short and red hair and red beard.
    He is wearing a green jumper with white diamonds which looks quite awful, and he also wears plain trousers which are red in colour.
    He looks like an old school teacher and he could be very severe with us, the students.
    I hope he will never come to the school, so we can continue learning english with our current teacher.

  3. Our future teacher migth looks too serious because one of his students has drawn an horrible paint to him. He was having a big effort to explain a worrying function when he heard some laughs. He is a good teacher, maybe he is better than his students deserve, but he is angry as well as students should obey him.

  4. Tíscar

    Our future teacher might be an intelligent and interesting professor who is in fourties years old although he looks like my grand-father.
    He might an stocky man with a really ordinary good-looking who doesn´t fit.
    He´d better do a slimming diet rich in fruits and vegetables and cutting down on greasy.
    Newertheless I think he might a hard working professional but I suppose He´s not as nice as
    our current teacher.

  5. P.D. Sorry..He might be an stocky man.
    I am angry of verb TO BE.