Friday, April 29, 2011

Third term, fourth week

Hello everyone,

This week has been more dynamic, hasn't it?
We participated in the complementary activity with our language assitants on Tuesday. I hope you learnt some curiosities... for example:
Which leave appears in the Canadian flag?
What does "to raise the roof", "booze" or "this is not my cup of tea" mean?
Where is Jim Carrey from?
We were even doing line dancing! We certainly had a good time, didn't we?

Then, on Thursday we were roleplaying the Nun's Priest's Tale and we started talking about Jack the Ripper. Be careful if someone offers you grapes... I know the film was a bit difficult to understand, but if you watch it at home I am sure it will be much easier.

Patricia Cornwell led an investigation to find out the identity of Jack the Ripper. Next week we will learn somthing more about this theory, which is different from the one underlying the movie. If you want, you can have a look at this website which shows paintings by the 19th century artist Walter Sickert. Don't open the website if you are very sensitive.

And then, have a look at this article. (Just a curiosity)

Well... for next Thursday, you have to work on indirect questions on page 143. Read the Pardoner's tale as well, and try to practise telling it aloud. You don't know if you will be the narrator!

We will also practice one topic of oral production and interaction: money, banking, quality of life, social relationships, shopping...You could speak about aspects such as people who are too materialistic, retail therapy, having quality of life even though it means not so much professional success, what you would do if you had a lot of money, online shopping, saving money, bank loans... or anything you might want to say. And don't forget that now you know a lot of new structures and vocabulary which I hope to hear you use!

Well... enjoy the long weekend, but don't forget about English! We only have one month left!