Sunday, February 6, 2011

Second term, fourth week

Hello everyone,

Last week we were learning many new and interesting aspects. First, we revised how to convey how certain we are about something with modal verbs of possibility. Then, we also revised how to convey ability with can, could and be able to in all verbal tenses and we finished with modal verbs analysing how to convey obligation, lack of obligation, advice, stronger advice and prohibition with must, have to, don't have to, should, had better, mustn't and can't. Next week we will continue practicing modal verbs and we will also learn some cultural aspects about different countries.

I strongly recommend you to (you'd better) do the activities in the workbook in unit 3A. There is also some vocabulary related to mobile phones, which we will also revise next week. Meanwhile, if you have time, have a look at this link and this one.

We were also learning the difference between adjectives ending in -ing and those ending in -ed.
Click here for more practice.

Feelings alphabet
And now... let me remind you of your homework:
- Don't forget to read the links about the symbols and characters in The Birthmark. Ana Moya will be talking about that on Tuesday.
- Handouts: revision of modal verbs, phonetic transcriptions of adjectives, reading: "Do the right thing"
- Workbook unit 3A (and complete 3B and 3C if you haven't yet).

By the way... only Jessyka commented on your future teacher!! I am waiting for your comments...

See you on Tuesday!

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