Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nineteenth week

Hello everyone,

This week we have been learning how to make guesses, how to talk about possibilities and deductions. We also revised some adjectives to describe personal appearance and the difference between the verbs "look" and "look like".

Apart from that, we went throught the process of writing a "for and against" essay. Don't forget to write one about "Retiring when you are 67" (topic you agreed on in the classroom). The deadline is the 11th of February. If you click here, you can read and listen to an article from "6 minute English" related to that topic. You also had to do some handouts about physical description and personality as well as to update the workbook.

To practice deduction, you can try to make comments on what you think these paintings may, might, must or can't represent. Come on! You can choose one or more!

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ana Genaro's problem on a trip.

Have I ever told you about the time I nearly missed the flight from Malaga to Barcelona?

My husband and I planned a trip for our anniversary celebration. We booked tickets on the Internet in a low-cost airline.

We had to fly from Malaga and we had to drive for one hour and a half. The flight took off at 12.00 and we left home three hours before. We had enough time to get to the airport, anyway. My husband was driving as fast as he could, until we were near Málaga. It was the rush hour and there were plenty of cars, so it was impossible to get to the airport on time. Besides, we were arguing and saying to each other “we are going to miss the flight”. My husband was very nervous.

We arrived five minutes before check-in closed. While my husband went to park our car I was carrying the luggage. Fortunately, there were very few people at the check-in queue and we could get our boarding card. The flight took off on schedule.

We had saved some money with the low-price airline but we have decided that flying from Granada Airport is much better than flying from another airport which is further, because the more in a hurry you are, the bigger the traffic jam is.

Eighteenth week


Last week we were learning about modal verbs of obligation. We studied the general features of modal verbs and the differences between obligation, necessity lack of obligation and advice. You had to do exercises on page 135 (3A).

If you need more practice, click here.

Taran taught us how to convey our lack of belief with expressions like "It sounds fishy", "It is far fetched", "I found it hard to believe", etc. I hope you can use these expressions from now on.

Paco also told us about "methane makers". It was really interesting! You can read the article here.

Last Thursday we listened to a group of people talking about English manners. Some of them thought they were too polite, but some others thought it wasn't politeness as they did not really meant what they said. What do you think? You can add a comment to convey your opinions.

We also had interesting conversations in groups about etiquette: good and bad manners.

Changing topic, I want to add here the information about the film season on History organised by Centro Cultural Caja Granada. You can take your leaflets in Conserjería or download it here. There will be a film every Tuesday, it is a pity that we are in class at this time, but you can tell your family and friends, as it is free! Let's hope next seasons are not on Tuesdays.

Short movies

Caja Granada Cultural Center February Programme.

Our classmate Nuria told me about another cinema activity, Retroback. Maybe you are interested in it. It is also a film series on classic cinema in Teatro Isabel la Católica and Cinema 2000. You can find more information here.