Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seventeenth Week

Hi there!

This week we did the exams. Next Tuesday you will have the oportunity to see them, but I would prefer to meet in tutorials if you want me to explain some aspects in more detail.

On Thursday we started unit 3A and we spoke about the general features of Modal Verbs. We were also learning some vocabulary related to mobile phones and phone calls. Don't forget to revise it and do the activities in the workbook and the Multi Rom.

As homework you had to do the reading activity on page 38.
In this website you can read some rules of etiquette related to the use of mobile phones. You can have a look at it and write your opinions in a comment, if you agree or disagree.

You also have a reading activity related to Mobile Phones in our School Virtual Library. Its code is 0000000229, and its title is Mobile Phones.
Aren't you a member of the Virtual Library yet? What are you waiting for?

Next week we will finish studying obligation and start deduction. You will find out how useful and easy to use modal verbs are.

Now you have here some cartoons. Enjoy them and see you in class!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sixteenth Week

Hi everyone,

This week we have been revising how to make requests and ask for permission.
Taran also helped us to revise. Do not forget to finish the activity you were doing when he left.

We also revised how to do a for and against essay, vocabulary about travel and journeys, and Gracia spoke about the benefits of tea and coffee regarding diabetes.

Now I am going to paste here two of your compositions, one by Felipe and the other by Verónica. I liked them very much. Thank you guys!

(I must make clear that Felipe invented everything. Don't believe what he says; they are fictitious problems, so don't worry about him!)

Subject: sharing my problems

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to ask for some advice about my nervous problem. I am suffering from anxiety. I got married in the summer of 2008. My wife and I have been very happy since that day. But now she is not in love with me. She says I am fatter than when she met me. She strongly believes that the problem is that I have forgotten to do exercise. The problem is that I only earn six hundred and fifty euros: I use a half to pay the rent, forty percent to pay the food and ten percent to pay transport. I have no money to go to the gym to get fit. This situation promotes anxiety.

I honestly feel that my wife is right. I have had too many awful habits so far. I would like to change myself, buy I cannot. For example: During this year I have eaten too many sausages, oyster and lobster. In this time I have been eating fried eggs once a day. Frequently I have eaten duck and pork. Definitely I have been eating fattening food.

I ought to change my awful habits. I will be able to feel the happiest man in the world like two years ago. I cannot change myself because I am lazier than a bear, more whimsical than a king, more selfish than a bank robber, and I cannot wait any longer.

I need to improve quickly or my wife leaves me definitely. I have looked at your website, but I would like some advice about my problem. I would also like to learn another way to spend less money than I am spending at this moment. If possible, I would like you to write your advice next week. I am going to buy your magazine at this moment.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully

Felipe Fernández González


I couldn’t choose the best day of my life, but I can say that last Saturday was one of them. Now, I’m going to explain why.

Last weekend, on Friday evening, my boyfriend told me that the next day we had to go to a place at eight o’clock. I asked him why, and he said to me that to do one thing that only happened once every 22 years and I couldn’t ask him questions. When I went to sleep that night, I couldn´t forget what we were going to do next day. And really, I wouldn’t have ever imagined what awaited me.

Luckily, the next day came. I woke up at quarter to seven. I was very sleepy, but I was sure that day would be very special! My boyfriend and I took the bus to go to that place. It was on the outskirts of Granada, near Hermitage of “San Miguel Alto”, which is located west of the city. When we arrived there, there wasn’t anybody. I was scared because it was dark and I didn’t know what we were doing there.

Later, at quarter past eight more or less, we saw a family that were arriving by taxi and other couples by car. Just then, a big car with trailer came there. The trailer was carrying a big basket! So soon, I understood what we were doing there. We were going for a balloon ride!! At that moment, I was in shock! I couldn’t believe that it was happening to me. My boyfriend knew that I wanted to ride in a balloon once in my life and he wanted to give me a surprise. Of course, he got it!

When the balloon was prepared to take off…, we, six people more and the pilot got into the balloon and little later we started rising into Granada’s sky. Just off, to get some height we could admire the Sacromonte, the old town of Albayzin, the Cathedral and, of course, the Alhambra and the metropolitan area of Granada. What a lovely view! Moreover, we met people who were in the ride with us. There was a married couple to which their children had given them the ride. All of them were very nice! Finally, the drift, always subject to the wind’s direction, led us to the Vega of this city where we landed.

In the end, the flight organizers invited us to have breakfast and they gave us a funny flight’s certificate. At that moment, it was about half past eleven. I felt the happiest person on Earth because I had made my dream come true.