Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi there!

Our classmate Tíscar recommended this website in class:

You can either subscribe so that they will send you podcasts with exercises to your email or you can simply visit periodically that website and practice listening, reading, writing and even speaking if you try to do activities orally.

It will be quite useful for you, I am sure.
Thank you Tíscar!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome everyone


A new course has just started, new students, old friends... We are at intermediate level, so congratulations and let's get started!!!

After all the introductions, greetings and "I've heard a lot about you", a new relationship between Mark and Alli..., descriptions, and a couple of more exercises, our next step will be talking about FOOD and DIET.

You have handout 2 to learn more vocabulary, but do not forget to look up the words in the dictionary to check pronunciation. I will upload the key here next week.

You can have a look at these websites about food and check pronunciation. It is American English, so some lexicon might be different and of course, you will notice some changes in pronunciation:

Food 2

Have a nice weekend!