Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second term, Second week

Hello eveyone,

Last week we were doing our first evaluation tests. I hope the results are good (I am actually finishing the corrections)

On Thursday, we started with physical descriptions and learning the differences between "look" and "look like". I gave you one page in Harry Potter and the Philosofer's Stone to illustrate their use. Here you can download the complete book in pdf. The page I gave you was number 12.

For homework, you had to read the text on page 40 in the student's book and do the activities.
To practice and revise descriptions, CLICK HERE. It is a funny listening activity.

Next week we will start our oral productions. Download this document where you can find the links to the topis we are going to talk about in each class. You can choose the best for you. Remember it doesn't have to be a very long exposition. JUST 5 MINUTES. (OK, or 7)

Everybody has to read the information planned for every day. If the person assigned for one day cannot come to class, I will choose a different student to speak about that topic that day.

IMPORTANT: if you prefer to speak about a particular topic but you find an article which is more interesting than the article you find in the schedule, email everybody with the link to the article you are going to comment because we have to read it BEFORE you speak about it in class.

This is going to be very exciting!!

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