Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having the most splendid holiday!!

If you click here you can listen to this week Six Minute English, which is about families. You will be able to revise what we learnt. It should be a good idea if you subscribe to this podcast.

We have to get down to work soon, so here you have the key to handout 21.

In our first week after holidays, we are going to revise speaking. We will revise these topics:

  • Stress
  • Money and banking
  • Families and relationships 
  • Changing your city 
  • Stereotypes (men and women) 
  • Money, jobs, quality of life, happiness 
  • Ordering at a restaurant 
  • Travelling, visiting a new city 
  • Life experiences 
  • Comparing cities (means of transport, facilities…) 
  • Food, eating habits 
  • Road safety

 You could start thinking about what you know about them, what you can ASK about them, as well as about your opinions regarding some aspects of them. Don't forget you are expected to use new grammar and vocabulary, so we will start planning all this next week.
As Xmas has not ended yet,click here to do two listening activities (OUP).

Then, watch and sing along (I recommend you to watch till the end; it is worth it)

By the way, how is "Stories of Suspense" going? :-)

See you in a week.

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