Monday, November 1, 2010

Sixth week

Hi there!

Are you enjoying your bank holiday? I really hope so.

I have been reading your recipes and I am just waiting for you to send them back so that I can publish them in the blog are create a book in isuu.

I found a site in BBC Learning English were people are sending their recipes. Maybe you could also participate and send them!! Click here to have a look at some of the recipes and send yours if you like. I want to thank Jessyka, as she was the only one who sent a picture of herself cooking paella... I would like to have a picture of all of you to include in our cookbook, please!!

Last Tuesday we were revising the narrative structure and narrative tenses. You had to re-tell a sport anecdote following the given structure.
We were also revising the uses of past simple, past continuous, past perfect and the use of the gerund after "after" and "before".
Next day we will continue practicing this.

Here you have the Power Point Presentation that we used in class to study the uses of the narrative tenses. The extracts were taken from The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Times:

As we are learning the narrative structure, you can listen to one story every week on this site: They are stories for children, so very easy to understand. I specially recommned the three last horror stories.

As homework, you had to do some handouts, especially 7 and 8 for next day. Next week we will work on handouts 9 and 10.

On Thursday, we celebrated Halloween. I am a bit disappointed because only Daniel came, but I am REALLY HAPPY for him, as he won the FIRS PRIZE!!! Congratulations Daniel!!

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