Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fifth week

Hello again, how is it going?

In our usual summary, I have to say that last Tuesday we met our language assistant, Chanelle. She will be with us every second week and I am sure we will have a great time with her.

That day we were also revising some words related to food and how to prepare it, and common phrases which are used at the restaurant.

On Thursday we role-played a situation at the restaurant. Don't forget to revise those common sentences.

Here you have some audio activities in which you can listen to a situation at a restaurant and do some activities.

And here you can watch another role-play situation. Let's see if you can understand it properly:

We also held a debate on whether the government has or doesn't have the right to control what we eat. It was really interesting and you all presented very good arguments... but we didn't reach any conclusion.

Here you can listen to the complete interview with professor Bruce Traill, from the University of Reading, talking about the Eatwell project. Remember it is an authentic interview and you don't have to understand everything.

And here is the edited version which we listened to in class (it seems the sound quality is not very good here, sorry)

And of course, as Damian asked for, the script.

Don't forget that next Thursday we will celebrate Halloween!!! Please come with a pumpkin and a knife and our language assistants will teach you how to carve a pumpkin. We will also give you recipes so that you don't throw away the pulp and can cook something with it.

See you on Tuesday!

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