Friday, November 5, 2010

Seventh week

Hello everyone,

This week we have been learning how to use the article and revising how to give opinions. We will be doing this all throughout the year, so that is why it is so important.

We also revised how to pronounce the final -ed. If you need some more practice, click here.

Remember the importance of reading aloud. If you feel like no-one is correcting you, play the audio CDs that come with the readers. Read aloud,then listen to the same text and correct yourselves.

We were also revising the use of narrative tenses. Here you have the key to handouts 7 and 8.

And the key to handout 10 (use of the article)

Next Tuesday you will have to read your stories about Daniel, the mutant cockroach and another extra-character. Remember the strategies you have to use (The grammar, the vocabulary, the textual structure, and sequencing adverbs).

Now the "dark" news: Homework:
- Complete your workbook units 1B and 5B
- Pages 144-145 in the student's book
- Grammar units 1B and 5B in the student's book (pages 130 and 138).
- Listen to some stories from the link I wrote in last week's entry.
- Practice pronunciation reading aloud and revising phonetics symbols using your CD Rom.

Finally, you can see here our Halloween party, with Daniel,our winner!!
I hope this will be soon published on the School Youtube channel.

eoi granada halloween from maribel alvarez on Vimeo.

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