Saturday, October 9, 2010

Third week


Last week we were learning a lot about food and diet.
On Tuesday, Juande was talking about the two kinds of food pyramids, and on Thursday, Cristina spoke about a very interesting topic: the relationship between diet and blood type. If you click here you can learn more about this topic, and you should indeed, as someone is going to speak for 5 minutes about it next Thursday! I would like you to tell the class which type of diet is most suitable for the different blood types.

I found out in your "Autoevaluaciones" that most of you don't know many idioms, so I looked for some funny videos on BBC Learning English in which "The Teacher" explains idioms related to food. Click here to see them. You can click on any you feel curiosity about. I recommend you idioms related to food, as it is our topic of study now.

Would you like to see what Marilyn Manson has to say about the food pyramid? lol

We were also having a dialogue about our diets and I tried to correct your mistakes. I found that some of you have some problems with the sound /d/. In this song, apart from practicing the present simple tense, you have plenty of examples of "do" and "does", which include this sound. So sing along, have fun and practice this difficult sound /d/

And now... homework!! You had to read the text on page 4 of your book and do the activities on page 5. Then, go to page 130 and read Grammar 1A. Try to do the activities. We will solve any problems you may have encountered in class.

Have a nice week and keep on practicing your pronunciation every day!!

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  1. "...when you eat your sweets, make sure you try, to limit your servings, or you'll DIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!" hahahahah, really funny video. I didn´t know this animated TV series , but I checked it out on the web and seems pretty amusing, so thank you for the link!