Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fourth week 2010_2011

Hello everyone,

Last week was short, we only had one lesson!!  
We were learning more things about food and diet, for example, we made some comments about the theory which relates blood type and diet. We also read through the photocopies about vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, etc. Keep on trying with the phonetic transcriptions of words and say them aloud. Remember to download Sephonics to help you with this, you have a link on the right (Phonetics and Phonology programme)

You have a handout to practice and learn more vocabulary about food and ways to prepare it as well as their phonetic transcription. Please, revise it for next Tuesday. It will be very useful to do your homework: writing the recipe of your favourite dish. It can be a starter, a main course or a dessert. I am sure we will write an excellent cookbook together. It would be a brilliant idea if you add a picture it as an illustration to the recipe!!!! (If you appear on it, even better)

I have been thinking that all of us should follow the same text structure:

0. Introduction. Name of the dish and why you like it / why you recommend it.
6. TIPS (if you have some secrets to make this dish tastier)
7. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (if you think it is healthy or not and why - you can base your opinion on the food pyramid)

Deadline: Thursday 21st October. Please, send it by email if possible.

We also checked Grammar in 1A, and you have to complete this unit in the workbook. Remember this is your responsibility. We'll check any problems you may have had in class next Tuesday.
You have some grammar extension here. For practice with state verbs, click here.

For next day, you also have to read the handouts about healthy lifestyle and about the restaurant, as we will go through them in class and do some role-play activities.

To read about Chile miners, click on this BBC News lilnk, on this  New York Times link or on this The Guardian link. We will discuss this in class.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

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