Friday, October 1, 2010

Second week

Hello everyone,

Last week was dedicated almost entirely to the study of the phonetic symbols and their physical realisation. Remember it is not impossible to produce the sounds. It just requires practice and the only way to get it is by imitation of sounds. You should use your Multi-ROM and continue practising the sounds.
On the right hand column, there is a also a link to Sephonics under "Phonetics and Phonology Program". I am sure if you practice with it, you will make progress. Don't forget you must make the effort to forget Spanish sounds to speak English and produce the new sounds. As a recommendation, I think you could improve your speaking skills if you record yourselves and then you listen to your own speech.

Here you can download the phonetic chart that I used in class.

We started talking about food, and Benjamín gave us a speech about some tips on how to eat more healthily, so thank you Benjamín!  You had to read something related to healthy eating on On this website, you can also listen to what you are reading, although some of you found some problems. I hope you can all can do it.

Next Tuesday, Juande is speaking about the food pyramid. You can find a funny game and information about it here ,   here (this one is for kids, but you can also listen as you read!!) and here (this one is more serious). He is preparing his oral exposition, but all of you must read and learn about it, as he or myself will be asking some questions. OR if he cannot come to class (just imagine...) anybody else could come to the front and tell us about the food pyramid. Juande, remember, JUST 5 MINUTES, don't worry about giving too much information or speaking for a long time.

How are you doing with phonetic symbols? We learnt a lot of new vocabulary on food which you had to transcribe. Next day I will ask for that list. I just want to check that you are more familiar with phonetic symbols now, as we will be using them every day.

Well... and I think that is all!
Have a nice weekend and see you on Tuesday!

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