Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome everyone to this new course at EOI de Granada!!

We are starting a new course. We all have fresh energy and I know we will get the most of it.

I would like to welcome all the new students and let the old students know that I am so happy to see them again being or not their teacher this year.

Last week was a bit "messy" with all the changes in timetable and room. Remember we will be in room 17 ath 19.00 every Tuesday and Thursday. I am sorry if that change caused any trouble. If that is the case, please tell me and I will try to solve any inconvenience. I know some students had to change their group...

In any case, we started getting to know each other and we were reading about some learning strategies which will help us improve our communicative skills. I hope you practice as many as you can this year (hopefully all of them) and I am sure you'll see the results.

It was useful to hear you speaking and I know it will be very illustrating to read your short compositions next week. Don't forget to write your activity for Tuesday. (Well... if you follow the tips, you should have written it by now!!)

Well... I think this is enough for today.

Again, welcome Inma, Lidia, Cristina, Ana, Tíscar, Juande, Javier, Benjamín, Daniel, Jessyka (do you spell it that way??), Pablo, Eva, and all the rest to come. Feel free to make comments or write me emails to

I hope you enjoy this year as much as I will!

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