Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twentieth week

Hello everyone,

This week we have met Virginia, who will be with us every two Thursdays for half an hour. I think she is great, don't you? She taught us a song and expressions like "Hold on to that feeling", "Everyone wants a thrill", among others. Well, of course, we also were with Taran on Tuesday playing guessing games and using modal verbs of deduction.

On Tuesday we were listening to a guitarist whose mother was Spanish and whose father was English.

On Thursday Damián told us about servience in Paris, according to a British journalist with a broken leg. She was quite unlucky indeed! I liked this text, in spite of the difficult vocabulary. You can read it here. Thanks Damián!

We were also talking about our abilities: What we CAN do now, what we COULD do when we were five years old, what we would like to BE ABLE TO do, what we have never BEEN able to do, etc.

I am going to upload the keys to the handouts you have to check. Please, ask me any questions in class.

Describing people's appearance and personality

Grammar 3A and 3B:

For homework, you have to read the text in unit 3C and complete it with the correct sentences. Practice reading it aloud, as we will read it aloud in class. You also have to do grammar 3C on page 135 in your books, finish unit 3B in the workbook and update any handout or workbook unit which you have not finished yet.

Next Tuesday Juan is going to make his oral exposition. I am curious! Please, read his article before coming to class. (Juan, don't forget to send us the link!)

Have a happy St. Valentine's day!

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