Sunday, February 21, 2010

Twenty-first week

Hi there!

Last week we had an interesting debate about diet which was raised by Juan's oral exposition. He did quite well, congratulations Juan!!

He have learnt how to convey ability and permission with modal verbs such as "can", "could" and "be able to".

We learnt where to stress negative sentences with the modal verbs "can" and "could" both when the sentences are positive and negative (only stressing CAN'T in this last instance).

We also revised the two different functions of "so".

As for vocabulary, we learnt the difference between adjectives ending in -ing and in -ed, and we learnt 3 phrasal verbs: take up, give up and carry on.

We were working on the London underground map, practising questions like: What is the easiest way to get to...?; Where do I get off?; How many stops is it?; How long do you think it takes to get there?. Please, revise these questions and the dialogue on Practical English Unit 3 as next Tuesday you will carry on practising this with Taran.

In this website you can find information about the London underground and you can even download maps.

Don't forget to do your homework: the handouts I gave you and unit 3C in the workbook, if you haven't finished it yet.

Next week we will do a revision activity on reading, listening and speaking (please bring the reading activity in handout 31).

Felipe is doing his oral exposition on Tuesday as well. You can read his article here.

I am so sorry Cristina could not come last Thursday! I hope you are alright Cristina!

See you next Tuesday!

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