Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nineteenth week

Hello everyone,

This week we have been learning how to make guesses, how to talk about possibilities and deductions. We also revised some adjectives to describe personal appearance and the difference between the verbs "look" and "look like".

Apart from that, we went throught the process of writing a "for and against" essay. Don't forget to write one about "Retiring when you are 67" (topic you agreed on in the classroom). The deadline is the 11th of February. If you click here, you can read and listen to an article from "6 minute English" related to that topic. You also had to do some handouts about physical description and personality as well as to update the workbook.

To practice deduction, you can try to make comments on what you think these paintings may, might, must or can't represent. Come on! You can choose one or more!

Have a nice weekend!

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