Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eleventh Week

Hello everyone,

Last week we talked with Verónica about Sunbeds. Here you have a link to the activity.

We were also talking about Violence Against Women, analysing its causes, proposing solutions and giving our opinions. Thank you everybody for your contributions.

We also checked the reading on page 22 in your book and were talking about the possibility of living without money.

On Thursday, we did a Listening Test (which was a bit complicated, I know), we learnt some complicated numbers and figures and WE CELEBRATED THANKSGIVING!! Thank you, Taran, for your explanations and everything. It was a pity we had some technical problems, but in the end I think we had a good time together.

Here you have a video that Taran wanted to show. It is from the film the Addam's Family Values, and it shows a play about Thanksgiving.

Here you have the script in case you don't understand something:

Amanda/Sarah Miller: I am so glad we invited the Chippewas to join us for our holiday meal. Remember, these savages are our guests.
Amanda/Sarah Miller: We must not be surprised at any of their strange customs. After all, they have not had our advantages, such as fine schools, libraries full of books, shampoo…
Wednesday/Pocahontas:: How! I am Pocahontas, a Chippewa maiden.
Mr. Buckman: An Indian.
Mrs. Buckman: Enough said.
Joel/Running Bear: And I am Running Bear, betrothed to Pocahontas. Only in the play.
Stella: Twenty grand for summer camp, he’s Mr. Woo-woo.
Wednesday/Pocahontas:: We have brought a special gift for this holiday feast.
Pugsley/Turkey:: I am a turkey. Kill me!
Amanda/Sarah Miller: What a thoughtful gift! Why, you are as civilized as we, except we wear shoes and have last names.
Amanda/Sarah Miller: Welcome, to our table, our new primitive friends!
Wednesday/Pocahontas:: Thank you, Sarah Miller! You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Your hair is the color of the sun, your skin is the color of fresh milk, and everyone loves you.
Amanda/Sarah Miller: Stop! Sit!
Wednesday/Pocahontas (losing her smile and suddenly changing to her old voice): Wait.
Amanda: What?
Wednesday/Pocahontas:: We cannot break bread with you.
Amanda: Huh? Becky, what’s going on?
Becky (whispering): Wednesday!
Wednesday/Pocahontas:: You have taken the land which is rightfully ours. Years from now, my people will be forced to live in mobile homes on reservations. Your people will wear cardigans and drink highballs. We will sell our bracelets by the roadsides. You will play golf, and enjoy hot hors d’oeurves. My people will have pain and degradation. Your people will have stick shifts. The gods of my tribe have spoken. They have said, “Do not trust the Pilgrims – especially Sarah Miller.”
Amanda: Gary, she’s changing the words.
Wednesday/Pocahontas:: And for all these reasons, I have decided to scalp you, and burn your village to the ground.
The Indians yell battle cries, and two on each side swing down on ropes. They grab Amanda while the others run around stage, setting fire to the Pilgrim houses.
Becky: Children! Campers!
Gary: Stop it! You’re destroying my text!
They pay no attention. They continue to burn houses, shooting flaming arrows into the roofs. The parents look at each other, wondering what’s going on. The Indians tie Amanda to a stake. In the audience, Joel’s parents discuss him.

My special thanks to Tíscar, whose pie was delicious. Tíscar, you are an extraordinary cook!

As homework, you have to continue studying the Present Perfect Tense with handouts 15 and 16 and with the activities in unit 2A in the workbook. You can also do the activities on page 133 (2A). Try to write your own rules which explain the difference between present perfect and past simple tenses.

See you on Tuesday!

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