Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tenth week

Hi there again,

Last week we were revising quantifiers.We were talking about ways to improve our city, and we made four different political parties in class. You made political campaings. Congratulations to Auxi and Verónica, who will be excellent mayoresses. They promised to soundproof all pubs and bars in the city among other measures.

We finished unit 5A, so now you can finish all the activities in the workbook.
We also started unit 2A in the book. We revised vocabulary related to money as well as the phonetic transcriptions of some words (Book, page 147).

We introduced the differences between the Present Perfect Tense and the Past Simple tense.

Homework: - handouts 15 and 16 to practise present perfect.
- reading on page 22.

Next week, on Thursday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. If you like history, here you can read about the origins of this celebration at the beginning of the 17th century. It is about the relationship between the Puritans and the native Americans. I recommend you to read it, as it is quite interesting!

See you in class next Tuesday!

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  1. I have enjoid doing the listening about Conference, it has been a funny homework for me.
    Thanks a lot!