Thursday, December 3, 2009

This week we have been revising Present Perfect Simple, Continuous, and Simple Past.
We were also talking about how misleading translations from Spanish can be.
We did a listening activity about a news bulletin, and another about a woman who took a year out in Beirut. I think they were quite easy!!

Here you have a bbbeeeeaaauuuuutiful song which contains the present perfect continuous:

We also talked about recent activities which we have been doing and for how long.
We learnt the differences between for and during (we will practice more about this next week).

We gave our opinions about some "myths" related to money.
We learnt to stress certain words in a sentence (content words) to emphasize them.

And now... homework for next Thursday:
- Grammar on page 133
- Reading on page 26
- Update the Workbook
- Write an email to a health magazine. This is your problem: "I am stressed, I suffer from anxiety and I spend too much money" .

Don't forget to take into accout the structure and register of formal emails.

Paragraph 1. Introduction: who you are and what your problem is.

Paragraph 2: Your background: your habits so far.

Paragraph 3: What you want to get, how you would like to change.

Paragraph 4: Conclusion and asking for advice.

Here you have a list of Health Magazines in case you want to have a look. Some of them even include podcasts.

Changing topic, on Saturday night Antena 3 is broadcasing Jane Eyre. It would be a good idea if you can watch or record it so that you can compare it with the book later!!

Don't forget to use your TDT option to watch it in English. You can add Spanish Subtitles on teletext page 888.

Have a nice bank holiday!!

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