Friday, April 15, 2011

Third term, third week


This week we have continued practicing reported speech in different contexts. We role-played a situation in a clothes shop and in a restaruant in which there had been a problem and you had to complain. In the end, you had to fill in a complaint form, which I hope you can hand in after Easter.

On Thursday we interpreted The Knight's Tale, with Lady Tíscar Emily, Palamon-Daniel and Arcite-Paco. (It sounds like a soap opera!) Thanks to our great narrator, The knight Inma. Then, we focused on the for and against discourse (either in oral speech or in writing), and you have to write a for&against essay (or advantages-disadvantages).

As for the key to handouts 42, 43 and 44 (Reported Speech and Shopping vocabulary), you can download the key here.

As for the use of "thus", it can be a synonym of "in this way", and at the beginning of a sentence, it is like "therefore". In any case, it introduces a consequence of the previous action:
These are some examples from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:
The universities have expanded, thus allowing many more people the chance of higher education. (Thus = in this way)
He is the eldest son and thus heir to the title (Thus = Therefore = Hence
We do not own the building. Tus, it would be impossible for us to make any major changes to it. (Thus = Therefore = Hence)
There is an expression: "thus far", which means the same as "so far".

Well... have a nice Easter, enjoy with your family and friends and see you on the 26th at the meeting hall. Don't forget the language assistants have prepared a talk for all of us.

See you then!

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