Monday, April 11, 2011

Third term, second week

Hello everybody,

Not many people came to class last week, and I am worried because we studied a new and important topic: reported speech (Unit 6A)

We were practicing how to report what other people said, asked or told.
We will practice some more this week, but it would be a good idea that you revise how to do it.

I gave you a couple of handouts about this, but here you have a website with more activities to practice.

We were also learning the differences between some shopping establishments.

Tomorrow you will tell me your opinions, advantages and disadvantages, arguments for and against the following:
- shopping in big supermarkets or small local shops.
- getting into debt.
- keeping up with the latest fashion trends.
- retail therapy as a cure for unhapiness or stress.
- buying expensive designer brands.
- wasting money.

I hope you can revise the vocabulary related to these topics (Remember that some months ago we studied the topic of money and banking, and this vocabulary could also be useful)

And don't forget to finish reading the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. I hope Daniel can tell us about it.

See you tomorrow!

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