Tuesday, May 4, 2010

twenty-ninth week

Although a bit late, here you have a summary of what we did last week:

- On Tuesday José Antonio spoke about an interesting unmanned plane which used solar energy to power itself. Thanks, José Antonio for sending the video in which we could expand what you explained in class. We were also revising conditional sentences with Taran and solving some of your problems.

- On Thursday we read and listened about people with good and bad luck. We also talked about how their lives could have been different if something had not happened in the past. Then, we were talking about some "problems" you had and asking our partners "how could I have avoided it",using third-type conditionals. Virginia helped us do this exercise. We also analysed some adverts to rent or sell a house/flat and learnt how to improve their style. Finally, we were talking about the first chapters of The Woman in White.

As homework, you had to read the text on unit 7A about luck and do the exercises. You also had to write a proper advert to sell or rent a house, attaching a picture if you can including:
1. Introduction: kind of house/flat; situation
2. Description of the house
3. Description of the neighbourhood
4. Conclusion: Who the house is suitable for. Restrictions

Don't forget to do the corresponding activities on the workbook as we work on the student's book.

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