Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thirtieth week

Hello everybody,

Last week we were talking about the first chapters in The Woman in White, and next Tuesday we will spend 10 or 15 minutes on that too.

We were talking about how we can make our own luck. We all agreed that sometimes, if you think positively, good things happen to you. We were also reading a text about that topic, and funnily enough, yesterday I watched a documentary about that topic as well! Did you?

We did a listening activity, which was the final test in Aragón, and I was quite happy that all of you passed!! So, once again, we checked that if you think positively and are relaxed, you get better results in class, in particular, and in life in general.

Talking about relaxing, on Thursday WE COULD REALLY RELAX in the Yoga session. I must confess I learnt a lot about Yoga, and I am thinking seriously (as well as Juan de Dios) about taking up Yoga.

If you are interested, visit this website. It contains yoga session podcasts in English.

We only have three weeks left, so these techniques will be quite useful as you have to get ready to work hard.

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