Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sixth week

Hi there,

Did you enjoy our classes last week?

We were revising past tenses, we were learning about the structure of narrative texts and I gave you some hints to write argumentative texts. Don't forget to write your compositions and your opinions.

We also learnt how to use "Time clauses" with a preposition and a gerund , as well as how to speak about habits in the past with "used to" and "would", to be both aspects included in your compositions.

Thanks to Tíscar, Verónica, Juan and Loli, who told us some jockes and gave us some information about a sportsperson.

We also chose our students representatives! I know you two will do your best!

Don't forget your homework (Time clauses, workbook 1B, and compositions), try to practice as much as you can, and next week we will start learning the future.

Here you have the key to handout 9 (past tenses and articles)

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