Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fifth week

Hello everyone,

How is it going?

Last week we were revising the different ways to convey past actions adn the use of the article "the". We were also talking about football and hinted ways to improve our narrations and our opinion essays. In phonetics, we learnt how to produce and identify the vowel sounds in "horse" and "bird". I think you should practice saying them in different sentences.

Next week we will improve these two types of texts, we will continue talking about sport (you had to do the exercises on Vocabulary and Reading in unit 1B, don't forget to do that. We will also start speaking about the future using vocabulary related to families.

Here you have some more exercises on sports so that you can widen your knowledge and vocabulay about them.

Answers to "Football"

Answers to "Tennis"
Tennis" Glossary

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