Saturday, May 14, 2011

Third term, sixth week

Hello everybody,

Last week we finished The Canterbury Tales. I hope you enjoyed the book. Why don't you use our C-Box and write your opinion about it? You can refer to specific tales or to the book a whole. You can explain whether you liked it or not and why, if you can understand its historic value... I don't know, anything that comes to your mind. It will be interesting!

You can watch again The Wife of Bath's Tale. I am sure with your headphones you will understand it much better. I must admit the sound quality in the classroom wasn't the best.

In our speaking revisions, we practised money,banking,shopping, and food. Next week we will revise the topic of houses and cities (Tuesday) and family (Thursday).

We also started our last unit in the programme, in which we will learn how to make film reviews. Regarding grammar, we will study the passive voice.
I gave you a lot of handouts, but you don't have to work on them yet (only if you wish)

See you on Tuesday then!

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