Saturday, March 19, 2011

Second term, tenth week

Hi there!

Last week we were practicing convesations to rent a house/flat and we continued with our topic: jobs.

Here you have an interesting video about job interviews. Focus not only on the answers, but also on the way they make questions politely.

About flats... Do you know The Flatmates? Watch these two videos:
What is Khalid's problem to rent the flat? Which is the word he uses for "expensive" (of course, informal)

Changing topic: we have received information about CEGRI. I am copying it here:
El Centro Internacional de Estudios Superiores, CEGRÍ, es una organización que se dedica, ya más de 20 años, a la enseñanza de la Lengua y Cultura españolas a estudiantes universitarios norteamericanos. Una de las actividades que ofrecemos a nuestros estudiantes es un intercambio lingüístico de conversación (inglés - español) gratuito. Les ponemos en contacto con estudiantes españoles (en la edad de 20 - 25 años) que quieran mejorar su inglés y así ambos estudiantes pueden practicar y mejorar su lengua extranjera. Quedan una o dos veces por semana y hablan en inglés y en español.

If you are interested, you have to go to that school:

Sacristía de San Matías 12
E-18009 Granada, Spain

There you will have to fill in a form and give a copy of your ID.

Changing topic again, the Department of Equality and Coeducation is making an online survey about the conciliation of personal life and job. If you want to do it, click here.

Next week we will be doing our second term evaluation. Please revise and practice speaking as much as you can! And I hope to see you all there.

Good luck!

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