Sunday, March 6, 2011

Second term, eighth week

Hi there,

Last week was a short one; after the bank holiday we only had one class.

In that class we practiced conditionals with a role play (Thanks Dani and Rocío!!) and we started talking about houses and architecture. I am sure Benjamín will have a lot of things to teach us. So far, we now know what a loft exactly is. We also learnt some more new vocabulary like penthouse, utility room, lounge, "all mod cons", among others.

We also learnt how to make wishes, for example "I wish my house didn't have a dome", or "I wish I had brought my coat". You have a handout to practise all that. For extension, click here.

Next week we will continue dealing with houses, furniture, decoration and architecture. Don't forget to do the activities on page 151 and to choose a house from the link I gave you (click here) to describe it. We will also check the handout "Describing places", as that will be your next writing activity.

Did you like Charlie and Lola? Watch this!

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  1. I didn´t know that I must send my writing activity about "my" house from the link, I have it making in a paper :P Can I give you today? ^^