Sunday, February 13, 2011

Second term, fifth week

Hello everyone,

Last week we were dealing with cultural problems (cultural shock, cultural gaffes...) we might encounter when we travel abroad. Paco was also talking about some foreigners' conceptions about Spanish people. Thanks Paco!

You have the activity Cultural Gaffes in the School Virtual Library, with the code 0000000293, but you can also find it by its title Cultural Gaffes. There, you will be able to watch the video again and check the answers to the activities.

We finished with a review of modal verbs, which I hope you can now understand and use more and more.

We were also doing some vocabulary activities on mobile phones (or cell phones as Benjamín would call them... you know why!. You can also find the activities and the listening in the Virtual Library, title Cell Phones or code 0000000294.I hope the sound is better in your computers; I must apologize for the technical problems we had in class. Next Thursday, Ana Fajardo will speak about her experience with mobile phones. She is expected to use that vocabulary as well as modal verbs,and the grammar we have been studying so far. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Someone else could also speak about the same topic too

Then we started with relative clauses. You have some handouts to do and I will soon upload the answer key.
An advanced topic was raised, and it was about the difference between Cleft sentences and relative clauses. It is a topic even linguists don't agree on. If you want more information about it, click here and look for "Structural Issues", in the fourth paragraph, but I insist: you will study this point next year or even more likely in Avanzado 2.

Wel... that is all for now...
See you on Tuesday with Chanelle.

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