Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seventeenth Week

Hi there!

This week we did the exams. Next Tuesday you will have the oportunity to see them, but I would prefer to meet in tutorials if you want me to explain some aspects in more detail.

On Thursday we started unit 3A and we spoke about the general features of Modal Verbs. We were also learning some vocabulary related to mobile phones and phone calls. Don't forget to revise it and do the activities in the workbook and the Multi Rom.

As homework you had to do the reading activity on page 38.
In this website you can read some rules of etiquette related to the use of mobile phones. You can have a look at it and write your opinions in a comment, if you agree or disagree.

You also have a reading activity related to Mobile Phones in our School Virtual Library. Its code is 0000000229, and its title is Mobile Phones.
Aren't you a member of the Virtual Library yet? What are you waiting for?

Next week we will finish studying obligation and start deduction. You will find out how useful and easy to use modal verbs are.

Now you have here some cartoons. Enjoy them and see you in class!

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