Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tenth week

Hello everyone,

I am a bit sad this week because there were few students in class, and we were working on plenty of new aspects of vocabulary and grammar.

In any case, here you have the Power Point Presentation of Quatifiers that we were analysing in class:

If you click here you can download the key to handout 14 about Quantifiers.

We were also revising personality adjectives talking about what oldest children, middle children, youngest children and only children are like.

Don't forget to write a description of a child under 12 years old. You have to include details about his/her personality, explain what he/she likes or doesn't like doing, what he/she is good or bad at, and predict some facts about his/her future. Always support your sentences and use as much new language of the level as possible (including quantifiers, of course!). Around 200 words. I would prefer it if you attach it in a word document on an email (thanks!)

Then, on Thursday we were talking about our pace of life. Inma and Alicia compared our pace of life and the pace of life in London, and they did very well, because they used a lot of new vocabulary from handout 12 and the listening I recommended. Moreover, their grammar was correct. Well done! I only hope next time you can improvise a little bit more!

You also have to complete units 1C and 5A in the workbook. Next Tuesday we will be speaking about the activity on page 71. It will be useful if you read the texts on that page and revise the ways to convey your opinion and interrupt people when they are speaking.

Enjoy the weekend!

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