Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eighth week


I hope you are having a nice weekend!
What I remember best from last Tuesday is that we had the great oportunity to taste red pepper jam with cheese spread over toasts... Thank you Ana!!

Then, we revised the narrative structure and you did peer corrections of your partners' stories. They were quite funny, I must admit!

Later, we were talking about spas and health farms, and we did the listening activity on unit 5B. We also checked a great deal of homework!! and learnt how to pronounce "how words work (in the world)" (sounds /3:/ and /o:/) and the different phonetic realisations of the article "the".

We also talked about "men things" and "women things"... We drew the conclusion that maybe they are all stereotypes, but sometimes they are true! Click here to listen to a "6 Minutes English" article entitled "Men are the weaker sex".

Then on Thursday we recorded your stories and did a listening activity about "Friends reunited".
We were using "used to" in the after-listening activities, and we will check it next Tuesday. You had handout 9 to practice it, and here you can download its key. Of course, you have more grammar activities on the grammar bank, workbook and Multi-ROM.

If you click here, you will listen to an article from BBC Learning English about Friends Reunited, which you can also read (I highly recommend this activity, but remember: first, listen twice or three times before you give up to read).

And, as homework, you had to do some activities on page 63 (how words work and opinions)

See you on Tuesday!

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