Friday, April 9, 2010

Twenty-sixth week

Hello everyone,

This week we started with a new unit which is based on conditional clauses.

On Tuesday, Ana Genaro gave us the latest news about the situation in Burma and we had an interesting debate. Then, after studying some aspects about conditional clauses, we did an activity about old wives' tales.

On Thursday, we started our topic about education and we were revising some vocabulary related to that. We also studied the first type of conditional sentences and future time clauses (which are very similar).

Watch this video about the truth in Old Wives Tales, which also contains conditional sentences:

I gave you handout 38, which is a listening activity. As we did not have enough time in class to do it, you can listen to both activities clicking below:

If you want to revise modals of obligation, click here and do a quiz.

We also revised the pronunciation of -ed past tenses. Here you have a good link to listen to a programme about it as well as an excellent explanation.

Next Tuesday we will meet in our classroom, but we will go downstairs to the meeting hall to attend a talk about the Educative system in America, for one hour. Please, be punctual, as the talk will start at 19.00. After that, we will go back to our classroom to continue with our lesson.

Have a nice weekend

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