Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twenty-third week


Last week we learnt a lot of new things!

We learnt how to write an informal letter (you had to write one for last Thursday),
we revised how to manage in the London Tube, and we also learnt about Relative clauses and -ing/-ed clauses (also called "Reduced relative clauses").

Here you have the key to handout 32 and next week I will upload the key to handouts 34 and 35.

For homework, you had to do these handouts and you finish unit 3 in your workbooks. If you have time, you could also read the text on page 93.

This week we will be with Taran and Virginia, and I have really interesting activities to do with you.

You should also revise for the exam, as solving your problems and answering your questions will be my priority.

See you in two days!

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