Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fifteenth week... first week after Christmas

Hello everyone,

Last Thursday, first we were talking about our Christmas holidays, our new year's wills, and we revised what we had been studying before Christmas.

Then we learnt how to make requests, to ask for permission, and to respond to them in Practical English in the student book unit 2.

We also revised the structure of narrative texts.

For homework you have to finish unit 2 and Practical English in the workbook, and of course, you need to revise for the exam, which is next Thursday (oral exam) and on the 19th (written part). You should also read Gracia's text, which you can find at, as she will make her oral presentation next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday we will also finish the split crossword and we will start unit 3 in the book. We will start talking about mobile phones. If you have already logged in at our School Virtual Library, find the activity "Mobile phones" with code 0000000229 to start learning new vocabulary.

You can also read and listen to an article related to mobile phones here

I hope you enjoy it!

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