Saturday, October 31, 2009

Seventh week HALLOWEEEEEEN!!

Hi everyone,

This week we met Taran, our language assistant this year. Welcome Taran!
I am sure we will learn a lot with him.

We also solved questions related to time clauses and we talked about our past habits using "used to" and "would"

On Thursday, we celebrated Halloween.

Here you have the video that we watched in class:

And this is the spooky story that we were working on in class. You had to tell that story in the five steps/paragraphs, using sequencing adverbs, the past tenses, and including descriptions and dialogues.

Thanks to Paco and Miguel who did a great job. We enjoyed your story very much!

And here you have "This is Halloween", one of my favourite songs about Halloween

Don't forget to revise the future, vocabulary about personality and the family.

See you on Tuesday!

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