Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last keys and... HOLIDAYS!!

Hello everyone,

We have finished our course now.It has really been a great teaching experience for me and I have met really nice people, so thank you everyone. I hope we can work together next year too!

Here you have some recommendations for the summer, as some of you asked:

To read, I think the best thing you can do is to have a look at this site and click on READERS CATALOGUE on the left. There you can choose any level (I recommend you start reading INTERMEDIATE), and once you have chosen your level, you can also click on any book to read a brief summary and check that you like it.

So here is the link:

I also like this site: . It is the same editor as Sherlock Holmes' Stories that you have already read.

I hope this is useful...

If you want to practice Grammar, I specially like R. Murphy's English Grammar in Use (with answers). The editor is Cambridge.

There is a similar one on Vocabulary (Redman's English Vocabulary in Use) by Cambridge as well.

Intermediate English Practice (MacMillan) is also very good, and it contains both vocabulary units and grammar units.

They are very complete reference and self-study books. Sometimes I chose some handouts from them as homework for you.

By the way! Here you have the key to our last handout on -ing and -ed adjectives.

Good luck with the exams. The grades will be published on the school notice board on Monday 22nd of June at 16.00.

Well, that's all from me by now.

Have a nice holiday and I hope to see you next October!

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