Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hello everyone,

Last week we were learning about the first conditional clause and introduced the second.

But I am sure what you most enjoyed was the speaking activities, didn' you?

Next week, we will be practicing the second conditional sentences, mainly by speaking and through songs.
Here you have the link to "Wouldn't it be nice", by the Beach Boys. You have an activity there, and the key is inserted in the document.

You can watch this "cheesy" video made by some "Jessica". Thanks Jessica, whoever you are.

Isn't it cheesy? :-D

Changing topic, I would like to join my workmate Gelo in his recommendation of a cine forum organised by Talking English. This month, it is dedicated to Woody Allen.
Here you have a link to his blog if you want to find more information.

See you in class!

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