Sunday, April 26, 2009



by Aída Velasco Fernández (2nd A EOI de Granada)

I live in Granada, which is a city in the south-east of Andalucía. It has a population of 260.000 people, and it’s the fourth most populated province in Andalucía.

Granada is a lovely city, it’s smart, although it has a lot of places to visit. Muslims founded Granada in the 7th century. The most famous monument in the city is La Alhambra; it’s the most visited monument in Spain. In this monument we can see La Puerta de la Justicia, El Patio de los Arrayanes, Los Jardines del Generalife…it’s wonderful. Other places to visit are El Corral del Carbón, La Capilla Real…The food isn’t a problem in this city, because there are “tapas” areas, some streets where people drink beer or “cañas”, wine or “tinto de verano” and we can eat “tapas", free food. Granada is interesting for walking around; the most interesting areas are El Albaicin, La Alcaicería, El Paseo de los Tristes…

The weather in Granada is perfect because the winter is cold and the summer is hot. The weather in Granada is hotter than in Galicia, Asturias…because Granada is in the south-east of Spain. In the winter it rains and it snows, so people can go to Sierra Nevada. The summer is very hot so people go to the beach, to Motril, Almuñecar…

Granada is famous for the Alhambra, the most famous monument in Spain. It’s famous for Albayzín district too, where houses are called “carmenes”. Sierra Nevada is very important because thousands people go there. The Semana Santa Granadina is famous too, the “penitents” are typical. People wear purple clothes and women wear “mantillas”. Granada is also famous for the “piononos”, which are small very sweet cakes and for the “tapas”.

The best thing about Granada, I think it’s its weather because this is ideal, and this gives happiness to people. And the best is that Granada has mountain, beach, a beautiful city centre; it’s a very complete city. I love living in Granada.

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