Friday, April 17, 2009

First week after Easter

Hello everyone,

We made a good start after holidays, didn't we?

Congratulations to those who made an oral presentation: Sol, Aída, Alex, Antonio and Rafa. Very well done. I hope people next week will do as well as you did!

Well... last week we learned when to use the infinitive and the gerund. 2ºH still have to learn how to use the gerund because we missed a class on Thursday. But don't worry, we will do it next week.

Here you have more practice on infinitives and gerunds.

Here you have some more theory and practice about this topic.

And... here is the key to handout 21.

Finally... I have to mention our first Spring concert organized by the Official Language School. I missed many of you, but I hope you can come next time. It was awesome!

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