Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick Day


IT WAS ST. PATRICK DAY, a national holiday in Ireland and an important celebration in Canada, United States, New Zealand, Montserrat (a Caribbean island), Great Britain, Uruguay, Germany, Denmark, Moscow...

The symbol is a shamrock because the legend says that St. Patrick used that plant to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity to people in Ireland. It is also a symbol for good luck all over the world.

It is because of the shamrock that green is the Irish national color, but it is also a very common color on this date. Peope wear green, and they even dye the Chicago river!!

Hee you have a link to some videos about the history of St. Patrik day. There is an advert at first, but it is worth waiting for 10 seconds and then watch the videos.

And here is an interactive book of facts. Click on it, it is really interesting!

If you want to learn about Leprechauns and do an extra writing practice, here you have the activity. If you send it back to me, I can correct it and it could even appear published on this blog!

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