Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our first week after holidays

Hello everyone,

I think we had a good start after Christmas, so thanks a lot.
I wonder where students from 2H are. We only had 8 students today!! Where are you? Well, and I also miss some people from 2A.

This is what we did this week:

- We finished unit 2.
- We started with an introduction about the ways to speak about the future.

What you have to do:
- New writing task, following the instructions on page 25 (you know... something similar describing your favourite photo).
- Finish unit 2 in the workbook.
- Study irregular verbs.
- Revise for our test next week. (2A on Monday and 2H on Tuesday).

By the way... I added a new link in "Useful links: Resources" where you can find listening activities. You can listen to them while you read (or you also have the possibility of not looking at the text if you don't want to read!) There are also interactive activities. I recommend you to use it, I found it quite interesting.

Have a good weekend everyone. See you next week.

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